About Us

After 37 years on Nantucket Island, Hydrangea Farm Nursery has Relocated to Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod!

We ‘officially’ moved into our new location early in February but the total move will be a major work in progress effort for us in 2014 – modifying our new property, implementing a significant number of plant relocations, and installing new propagation and growing facilities.

Mal & Mary Kay CondonOur hydrangea growing operation – Hydrangea Farm – will live on via internet sales through our website. This sector of our business has grown substantially since we began selling on the web in 2010 and we believe this is the best way for us to continue to offer our unique collection of recent and vintage hydrangea varieties.

Unfortunately, a few of our former ‘activities’ will cease. Our growing operation will no longer offer traditional retail sales. With a somewhat smaller enterprise, we will not have appropriate facilities for hydrangea camp. And garden tours will not be available for at least a year or two as we create our new planting areas. Pruning and propagation workshops will continue but within the programs offered by the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society and Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, MA. We too will miss some of these ‘activities’ but Mal is now Vice President of the CCHS and has become the Curator of the ever expanding Hydrangea Collection at Heritage. So our commitment and dedication to our favorite plant remains as strong as ever.

Given our major moving program for Hydrangea Farm in 2014 we will suspend internet plant sales at least until September. We take pride in our plant quality and prefer to withhold shipping until we are completely satisfied that our plants have acclimated to our new facilities, are growing well, and are in top condition. We sincerely apologize for this unavailability and hope you will appreciate our situation and concern for plant quality. Please stick with us - we’ll be keeping our customers appraised of our progress – and do check our website from time to time as we will be previewing a number of new introductions we’ll be offering in 2015.

Our Past & Present

Hydrangea Farm is Mal & Mary Kay Condon. We are collectors, propagators, growers, and nurturers of this popular woody landscape shrub with its marvelous blooming form, color range, and long-lasting quality. A passion for more than 35 years, we have collected an extensive group of hydrangeas covering 8 species and over 200 different varieties.

As true custodians of the genus, we're constantly searching for new plants and reviving the often forgotten cultivars from all parts of the world. Many new varieties are being developed by hybridizers annually and we're fortunate to be evaluators for many of these sources. Our primary focus - always - is on the landscape worthiness of each plant before offering it for sale.

A lifelong gardener, Mal has always loved the genus hydrangea and began collecting plants from his extensive travels during his engineering career. His retirement in 1999 allowed him to pursue hydrangea nurturing with total commitment. Ever the engineer, he brings a strong technical and investigative nature to the continuing development of the genus, always searching for new and better plants, evaluating their landscape performance, and finding superior ways to produce them.

Long a noted speaker in his former business career, Mal now greatly enjoys presenting the many virtues of his favorite genus to garden clubs, horticultural associations, plant societies and conferences. Check out our Lectures pull-down to see where Mal might be speaking near you.

Mary Kay is the other valuable half of this grower team. She very ably handles a wide variety of critical nursery activities – from our ‘regular’ jobs like propagating, potting, and pinching/pruning - to being a workshop demonstrator, tour guide, and lecture reviewer. She also provides astute input for sales displays, advertising, and marketing needs, and customer involvement and relationship building.

New Challenges

Although Mal has cut back on several former Hydrangea Farm activities, he has accepted some challenging new involvements. He is now Vice-President of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society and becoming much involved in the society’s increased commitment to the stewardship of the genus. Additionally, and in a very favorable coordination of activity, he is now the Curator of the Society’s outstanding and expanding Hydrangea Collection at Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich Massachusetts. This is an already well-known rhododendron trust and their acceptance of hydrangeas as superb rhodo companions will produce a garden blooming extraordinare from early May thru August – and even into the ‘antique’ hydrangea bloom season of September and October.